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Welcome to CPCS

CPCS(Cheap PC Service) is a one man company dedicated to producing the best quality website for the least amount of money, providing inexpensive network design and installation, recommending and installing software and hardware on your PC/ Personal Computer, providing assistance with digital cameras, and assisting in connection of home video systems/Televisons. Serving Van Alstyne and all of North Central Texas. 


Email me at bill@cpcswebsite.com if you have any questions or would like for me to design a website for you or provide any one of my other services.

Present Clients


   Personal Use

   Church Sunday School Class

   Public Service


Services offered
  • Build and maintain websites

  • Design and build small networks (Wireless and Wired)

  • Install software and hardware on PC's

  • Provide instruction in Digital Camera use

  • Hook up TV/Stereo systems

  • Design and install home video distribution systems  

Rates:   $25.00 / Hour.  Hours are prorated to nearest 15 minutes.  Up to $25.00 charge for transportation to work site if needed. 


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